The easiest way to locate Halal restaurants, hotels and mosques from wherever you are, in the world.

The Story

We usually hear of the same story repeated by Muslims when they travel around the globe. Where can I find Halal food, where is the nearest mosque, how do I locate Muslim friendly facilities? Quandaries like these are now answered through a simple download of a mobile app called Meembar, your guide to a more fulfilling travel.

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Halal Restaurant

Finding Halal eating-places has never been so easy with Meembar. You can now effortless locate Halal restaurants from right where you are or from any other cities in the world. Put your stress to rest.

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Locate Accommodations, whether Hotels or Homestays

You can find and book a hotel or homestay in any major cities around the world and share your stay experience with other users within the Meembar community. In addition, should you find a Muslim friendly accommodation during your journey, you can share this information with the Meembar community.

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Mosques Nearby

Discover mosques, masajid, musollah or any Muslim prayer facilities from anywhere in the world. Share and suggest new locations of them during your travel. For the convenience of users, Meembar features Qibla direction and prayer times for the location you are in. As an added feature, the Quran is available in Meembar with audio recitation and translation in English and other languages as well.

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Get relevant information about Meembar here. For bloggers and social media influencers, this could be your resource for the mobile app review.

Worldwide Community

We believe Meembar has the potential to grow as the most reliable mobile application for travelling Muslims. Help us reach out to global communities and expand the network by contributing and sharing valuable content for Muslims worldwide.