What’s Your Travel Personality?

By January 3, 2019Meembar, Destinations

Before deciding where to go for vacation, the first part you need to do is recognizing your travel personality, that is, how you identify yourself as a traveller.

Here are few basic travel personalities. One or a few might fit your profile. You can use them to choose the perfect destination getaway.

  1. Adventurous Traveller 

If you imagine yourself bungee jumping in New Zealand, get wild with the safari wildlife in Rwanda or glacier hiking in Iceland, then you are being an adventure traveller. Adventure traveller always looking for ‘out of comfort zone’ type of activities.

Picture credit: NewZealand.com 

2. Romantic Traveller

If you dream of watching the sunset in a hidden beach of Maldives, gondola rides in Venice, then you are none other but the romantic traveller. Travel can be an amazing way to connect with your partner or even meet new people.

Picture credit: ItalyXP 

3. Intellectual Traveller 

If you wish to expand your knowledge while appreciating art, culture and history, then you may be the intellectual traveller. Your dream itinerary might include visits to museum, archeological sites or magnificent architectures. For intellectual travellers, this opportunity is gold-mining, as you dig deeper from the surface, you will find gems of knowledge. Places rich with historical values such as Turkey and Jordan, early civilization like Egypt and Athens will be on top of your list.

Picture credit: Memphis Tours 

4. First-time Traveller 

Are you a little nervous about flying overseas? Is this the first time travelling? Those are normal concerns for first-timers. Not to worry much about that. There are lots of places for ‘icebreaking’ such as popular cities in the world – London, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, to name a few. You will experience a culture shock at first, but later turn you to a pro once travelling becomes a routine.

Picture credit: Fustany 

5. Laid-back Traveller 

If you prefer a place with less crowd and unwinding, then you just described yourself as a laid-back traveller. Walking at the seaside while enjoying the sunset or some yoga session by the beach could be your activities. You might also want to laze around getting pampered in Balinese spa and massage. This type of traveller don’t really bother about the cost as they are ready to trade their penny for relaxation and indulgence.

Picture credit: Trip Advisor 

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