What’s New in Meembar version 1.0.178 for Android?

By January 8, 2019Meembar

Meembar changes over time for better user experience. With our new release, we bring you the multiple-language feature, our effort in reaching out people from all over the world! Available in eight languages – English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Malay, German and French – we hope Meembar will be your preferred travel app outweighing the rest.

Travel takes you to new places, culture and language. So as the app. We want everyone to gain similar excitement when using Meembar. Thus, the multiple-language.


Go to Account tab to change language setting.


English language


Arabic language


Chinese language


Japanese language


Indonesian language


German language


French language

Experience the new language feature and leave a comment below for us to improve.

If you are not yet a Meembar user, download the app from Google Play Store and App Store. It’s always free. 

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