Top 5 Steamboat and Grill in KL

By November 16, 2018Food Review

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  1. Hot Pot King 

Hot Pot King is one of popular restaurant for steamboat & grill in KL. They had once appeared in tv and also reviewed by Malaysian reviewer. Not just that, many celebrities had come to their restaurant. It can be seen that their wall full of celebrities photos that had visited their restaurant before. In the restaurant, they serve you on varieties of seafood and also meats. Most of the customers likes to have their lamb meat because of they marinated the lam meat perfectly to enhance the taste. Their operation hour is from 12.00 am until 11.00 pm.

2. Ngences Giga 

Ngences Giga is a malay owned steamboat & grill. It is famous because of they offers halal food and ingredients. Even though that they are new to the business, but they already fast growing. The restaurant always full of customers, especially on weekend. Mostly people come to the restaurant are with their family or friends. What is special is that they serve a gigantic jar for the drink. It is one their attraction and uniqueness. The restaurant opens from 5.00 pm until 12.00 am.
3. Seoul Garden 
Seoul Garden is a no introduction to foodie. The restaurant is the most popular place for steamboat & grill in Malaysia. Even, their outlets are not focused on Klang Valley alone, but also on other regions. There are almost 13 outlets in Klang Valley. The restaurant always full and packed with customers. Even, you need to book early to eat there. Most of their customers are among students because it is an attraction for students eat and chill with friends. People love the restaurant because of they serve awesome buffet – from seafood to marinated meats. Its operating hours from 10.00 am until 10.00 pm, depends on the operation the respective shopping mall.
4. Omma Steamboat & Grill  
Omma Steamboat & Grill is a new restaurant in business. They start operates in 2014. The place is popular among locals resident in Sungai Besi. Even though it is new, but they already got loyal customers that often come by to their restaurant. There are using buffet concept. The price also reasonable. The environment there also quite and not too busy with people or vehicle. Its operating hours from 11.00 am until 11.00 pm daily.
5. Rot Thai Buffet 
Rot Thai Buffet is popular among KL residents. Foodie also often come by to the restaurant. The restaurant located near a busy area, which is near Danau Kota night market (Uptown). Every night the restaurant will full and packed with customers. The restaurant not just offers steamboat & grill, but also offers with variety of cuisine and menu. People come by to the restaurant usually locals stay near. Its operating hours is from 3.00 pm until 1.00 am.

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