Top 5 Roti Canai in KL

By November 26, 2018Food Review, Meembar

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Since Roti Canai is a classic breakfast in Malaysia, we give you the best Roti Canai restaurants and stalls in KL for you to check out tomorrow morning. You can thank us later! *wink*


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  1. Warung Pak Hassan, Kampung Baru

In KL, there are many favourite spots for Malaysian breakfast. Pak Hassan for example, has been running his roti canai business in Kampung Baru for more than 70 years. Known as Warung Pak Hassan, he serves only two classic Malaysian breakfasts in his stall – roti canai and nasi lemak. Besides soft, fluffy but crunchy bread, Pak Hassan serves his roti canai with his signature chicken feet curry. Good news is, you can take as much curry and chicken feet as you want! The curry is light but full of flavor and loaded with chicken leg. There are variety types of roti canai too – roti canai kosong, roti tampal, roti telur and the list goes on. It is totally worth a breakfast as it is really cheap yet a filling one. Warung Pak Hassan opens on Tuesday till Sunday from 7am to 1pm. Closes on Mondays.

2. Ali Roti Canai Tsunami, Pantai Dalam 

Wonder what is so special about this stall? Of course its popular roti canai tsunami, or basically roti canai banjir, flooded with sardine curry, sambal and dhal, topped with two half-boiled eggs. With only RM2.40 per serving, it is not surprising if customers are willing to wait in long queue till the stall shuts down. Besides roti canai tsunami, Ali Roti Canai also serves roti telur, roti sardin, nasi lemak, bihun and many types of kuih. To locate the stall, refer to signboard ‘Perumahan Pantai Dalam’, as it is directly behind it. Opens on Tuesdays till Sundays, from 7am-11am and 4.30pm-9pm. Closes on Mondays.

3. Valentine Roti, Jalan Semarak 

With just 10-minutes drive from KLCC, Valentine Roti offers many types of roti such as roti canai biasa, roti telur, roti sardin, roti kaya, roti plata and the special roti valentine. Roti valentine is actually roti sardin filled with cabbage, onions, chives and tomatoes. A little bit looks like murtabak, roti valentine is crispier on the outside and softer from inside. Roti valentine is RM6 per piece and it is recommended to share it with your friends as most people were stuffed halfway eating it. Each roti dish comes with chicken curry, dhall and anchovies sambal. It opens daily on Monday to Saturdays at 5pm-2am. Closes on Sundays.

4. Lan Roti Canai, Pantai Dalam 

For the past 33 years, Mazlan Ahmad Abdullah (Haji Lan) has been selling uniquely soft, fluffy, non-greasy roti canai made from dough rich with Planta margarine, milk, sugar and salt. This stall also serves roti telur, roti bom, roti sardine and roti pisang. As self-service stall, customers can take roti canai at the counter with own selection of curry and other gravy (Psst..don’t forget to try his thick creamy dhal). Besides roti canai, this stall has wrapped nasi lemak, noodles, fried rice and assorted kuih. It opens daily from 7m to 11am.

5. Roti Canai [email protected], Jalan Meranti 

Some people call it Roti Canai Beratur (line up roti canai) as there will be long line everyday waiting for thick, non-greasy roti canai. Though it is slightly thicker than common roti canai, Roti Canai Mahmud still gives you the crispy taste from the outside and fluffy taste inside for its variety range of roti canai. There are ‘just nice’ amount of curry with pieces of chicken, dhal and sambal to go together with the roti canai. Beside roti canai, this restaurant also has nasi lemak as other breakfast option. Try to come early as this place always sold out as early as 10am. It opens daily from 6.30am-1pm. Closes every Tuesdays.

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