Top 5 Nasi Arab in KL

By November 19, 2018Food Review

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Tomorrow is public holiday. What if you bring your family out for leisure and try these awesome Arab restaurants in KL? Here are the best Nasi Arab (Arab Rice) in town!

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  1. Al-Rawsha 

You will be stunned by just looking at it from outside. Using the castle-like design, Al-Rawsha Restaurant is one of the most popular Arab restaurants in KL and Selangor. Using authentic recipes from Beirut, Lebanon, Al-Rawsha offers variety of appetizers, grills, barbeque, rice and desserts on their menu. Must-try dishes would be Lamb Mandy and Shish Tawook. The tastes are like no other. Juicy, tender, succulent meat and very aromatic even from far. It opens 24 hours, however might differ on public holidays.

2. Hadramawt 

Hadramawt provides delicious Yemeni and Lebanese cuisines with the touch of Middle East décor. The design is truly exquisite, and it shows on the bill. Though it is a little bit pricey, Hadramawt serves a really big-satisfying portion that will make you full till the next day! Mixed grill, lamb maqluba and hummus are must-try. As for drinks, Hadramawt gives you fresh fruit juices and hot Arabic tea if you wish to ‘feel like the Arabs’. With parking space provided, Hadramawt opens daily from 11.30am to 2am (subject to change on public holiday).

3. Saba Restaurant 

Strategically located within walking distance from Setiawangsa LRT Station, Saba Restaurant offers authentic rice meals such as Kabsah, Hanith and Mandy. A wide variety of Turkish, Mix Platters and famous grills have always been the all-time favourite among diners. You may want to try its giant Mulawah bread dipped with Mutabal, definitely a taste to remember. For sweet tooth, Saba does have various baklava type, custard and caramel pudding, basbousa and khunafa after heavy meal. It opens daily from 11.30am to 11.30pm.

4. Taj Hadramawt  

All the way from Yemen, Taj Hadramawt gives you the best Yemeni authentic taste. Located in Taman Melati, this restaurant can be seen clearly from the MRR2 road around Gombak area. Parking space is limited, as this place usually packed day and night. Lamb Mandy is very popular among regular customers here, so as its appetizers. All ingredients are blended with Yemeni’s secret recipe that will make you coming back again to this place. Don’t forget to try out their Lamb Madghout and Fatoush Salad. It gives you perfect combination of tender meat and crunchy bread in the salad. Taj Hadramawt opens daily from 11am till 12am.

5. Suria 

Suria Restaurant is a great choice for decent Arab food with affordable price. It is in the heart of busy streets between Jalan Chow Kit and Jalan TAR. For customers, please expect some difficulties to park your vehicle. Despite parking issue, Suria Restaurant has always been a favourite among KL-ians. You may want to try its Kabsah Chicken, various types of grill and pizzas. They won’t disappoint. It opens daily from 9am to 12am, subject to change on public holiday.

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