Top 5 Curry Mee in KL

By November 16, 2018Food Review

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  1. Uncle Cendol 

Uncle Cendol is one of attraction for curry laksa lovers. The restaurant located at Brem Mall, Kepong. Even though the restaurant name portray ‘cendol’, but the restaurant also famous for their other signature dishes. For this case, it is curry laksa. The curry meet taste was awesome and locals liking it. Even, they have their own loyal customer that always come by just to have the curry mee. The restaurant opens from 10.00 am until 11.00 pm. It is something not to be missed.

2. Mee Kari Udang Galah

Mee Kari Udang Galah is a well known restaurant for its signature curry mee. The name itself already represent how awesome their curry mee is. The lobster in the curry mee was big so as the mee proportion. The taste of the ‘kuah’ is rather awesome because of its recipe. The restaurant always full with customers, locals and also tourists. Since the seats are limited, you need to come early so that you won’t missed out to have the delicious curry mee. The restaurant operates from 4.00 pm until late midnight.

3. Little Penang Cafe 

Little Penang Cafe is one of finest place to eat. It is located inside Suria KLCC. It always crowded and full with customers especially on lunch and dinner time. They offers a variety of dishes from a meal to finest appetizer. To be specific, their curry mee was good. Even, curry mee is one of favourite menu among customers. They already had 3 branches around Klang Valley. The restaurant opens from 11.30 am until 9.30 pm daily.

4.  Old Town White Coffee 

Old Town White Coffee is a very famous cafe in Malaysia – especially in Klang Valley. Most of Malaysian went to the restaurant whether for having meal with family, hanging out with friends or having business meeting. The environment was so nice that most of people like to go there often. One of their favourite dish is curry mee. The curry mee taste was awesome its resemble the tastiness of the original Penang curry mee. Its operate from 10.00 am until 10.00 pm.

5. Killiney Kopitiam 

Killiney Kopitiam is a cafe located at KLCC. The cafe was known by locals to be best place to eat and chill. Most of people visiting KLCC will drop by to this cafe. The cafe will be crowded and full with customers when it is comes to lunch time. Their signature dish, curry mee was fantastic. The price for a plate bowl of curry is reasonable, around RM10. The cafe operates from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm daily.

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