Top 5 Chicken Rice in KL

By November 16, 2018Food Review

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  1. Isa Nasi Ayam 

Isa Nasi Ayam has been operating since 1984. It is located inside Kampung Pandan foodcourt. The foodcourt serve varieties of food, which chicken rice one of its attraction. Isa Nasi Ayam had served the best Malay-style chicken rice in KL for a long time. The special thing about its chicken rice is that its chicken roasted perfectly until the inside texture of the chicken become soft and easy to chew. Not to forget, the tanginess of the sauce makes it taste awesome. The foodcourt always full with customers especially on weekend. So, sometimes customers need to queue to get table or just they just take-away. The stall open from 11.00 am until 10.00 pm, depends on the foodcourt operation hour.

2. Mencongkam Chicken Rice 

Mencongkam Chicken Rice located at Taman Setapak. The restaurant is so famous that it once appeared in television program. Locals had known the restaurant as the best place to eat and chill with family. Their signature dish, chicken was a blast. Even, if you drop by to the restaurant, you need to had a long queue just to have their chicken rice. The chicken rice taste was awesome, even they have loyal customers that often come to the restaurant. What is interesting about their restaurant is they also provide delivery services. But it is limited for KL area only. Now you can have your chicken rice delivered to your door step. Their operation time is from 10.00 am until 11.00 pm.

3. Nasi Ayam Mash 

Nasi Ayam Mash is popular among Kampung Datuk Keramat residents. It also popular among Malaysian since the chicken rice had been reviewed by most Malaysian food reviewers and also mentioned in famous blogs. Almost everyday the restaurant full with customers. Proven by most customers ate the chicken rice, most of them are satisfied. Even, most of them also liking it because of the chicken is different from usual chicken used for chicken rice – which is the chicken not roasted but fried and makes the chicken crispy. The crispiness of the chicken loved by people. It is an awesome chicken rice not to be missed in KL. Sadly, the operation hour only until 5.00 pm, that you cannot enjoy their chicken on dinner.

4. Nasi Ayam Bonda 

Nasi Ayam Bonda is a name that is popular among foodie. It branch not only in KL, but also got one in Melaka and Kedah. KL branch is not too big, since it only operates in a small stall along food stalls line in Desa Pandan. The taste of it chicken rice was good even it is recommended by most people that had visited and ate at the stall. Even though the stall is stall and provide limited table for dine-in, but the crowd was big. The stall opens from 11.00 am until 10.30 pm.

5. Melawati Nasi Ayam Singapore 

Melawati Nasi Ayam Singapore is a no introduction to locals and foodie. The restaurant had been famous long time ago. The restaurant had been serving the best hainan chicken rice in KL for a long time. Most of the customers that came is it loyal customer. The chicken used is not typical recipe as usual Malay-style chicken rice since it using Hainan Singapore-style. The softness of the chicken makes the chicken rice to be awesome and highly delighted. The gravy used also concentrated that it is matched with the chicken itself. The restaurant always packed with customers especially when it comes to lunch hour and dinner.

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