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  1. Uncle Cendol

Uncle Cendol is one of attraction for cendol lovers. The restaurant located at Brem Mall, Kepong. The restaurant name portray ‘Uncle Cendol’ significance to its signature menu which is cendol. Their cendol taste was awesome and locals liking it. Even, they have their own loyal customer that always come by just to have their cendol. The restaurant opens from 10.00 am until 11.00 pm. It is something not to be missed.

2. Penang Road Famous Cendol @ Teochew Chendul 

Penang Road Famous Cendol @ Teochew Chendul is popular among KL residents especially for cendol lovers. People love their cendol because of the taste was similar to the original Penang cendol. The recipe and ingredients used also nearly meet the requirement on a good taste Penang cendol. The sweetness and rich of flavour of the cendol makes it such an awesome dessert to have. They already have several branches throughout Klang Valley, which mostly located inside big shopping mall. Their operation time is from 10.00 am until 10.00 pm, which also depends on the mall operation hours.

3. Sulaiman’s Famous Cendol 

Sulaiman’s Famous Cendol is located near Pasar Pudu. It is a bit tricky to find their stall since they use food truck concept. But usually it can be seen as if a lot customers in their stall. Their cendol gets high rating on food advisor and yelp. This is because of their cendol taste was awesome and similar to the original Penang cendol. The ingredient used is something that need be crave for. It opens from 8.30 am until 5.30 pm daily.

4. Khan Cendol 

Khan Cendol is a no introduction to foodie lover, especially who lives near Taman Melawati. Khan Cendol had been known for so long and the one only the best cendol stall in Taman Melawati. The restaurant always packed with crowd, especially during lunch hour and dinner. The price also reasonable. What makes it interesting, their stall located besides rojak stall, which happens to be a perfect match to eat with cendol. It opens from 11.00 am until 7.00 pm.

5. Cendol Durian Runtuh 

Cendol Durian Runtuh is one of famous cendol stall in KL. They once had viral in social media and mentioned on tv programme. The place is an attraction to locals and also tourist. It is special because they are the only stall that serve cendol durian. It was favourite most of Malaysians. The strong taste of durian makes the cendol so special. It is a rare occasion. If you dare enough to taste the strong taste of the king of fruit, have it a try. The operation hours for the stall is from 2.00 pm until 2.00 am.

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