Top 5 Ayam Penyet in KL

By November 23, 2018Food Review, Meembar

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Craving for authentic Indonesian cuisine? We give you the best Ayam Penyet in town. Let’s check them out!

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  1. Asama Tomyam Pecal Lele, Kampung Pandan

For Ayam Penyet lovers, Asama Tomyam is a must-try. Comes with affordable price, you can choose your favourite chicken part and they will instantly fry it for you. Imagine a plate of white rice served with freshly-fried chicken, hot spicy ‘sambal’ (a type of chilli paste) and fried ‘tempe’ (soy-based cake) together with crunchy vegetables? It’s a dish to die for! Other than chicken, Asama Tomyam also serves fried catfish (ikan keli), pomfret (ikan bawal), quail (puyuh) and amazing starters like ‘pecal lele’ and ‘gado-gado’. It opens daily from 12pm to 2am.

2. Ayam Bakar Wong Solo, Kampung Baru 

Who doesn’t know Ayam Bakar Wong Solo? This small-scale restaurant is always packed during peak hours. Besides the ever-famous Ayam Penyet, Wong Solo gives you Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken), Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken), Pecal Lele (smashed catfish) and Empel Sapi (smashed beef). A set of Ayam Penyet would cost you at least RM10.90 which comes with mineral water, tempe, tofu, rice and condiments. The chicken served in Wong Solo might be smaller than other restaurants, but the taste is a top-notch! It opens daily from 11.30am to 10.30pm.

3. Balifeel, KL Gateaway

If you prefer cooler dining area with less parking trouble but still want to try out something burst in your mouth, then come to Balifeel. Located in KL Getaway Mall, Balifeel is slightly pricey compared to its friends of the same business. With a ‘wow’ Bali interior furnishing, it serves you delicious Ayam Penyet in a portion that keeps you full all day. Not just chicken as main protein, Balifeel too serves you shrimps, squid, fish and beef with authentic Indonesian flavor! Don’t ask about the side dishes and condiments. They are just too many that you won’t know which to choose. Balifeel opens daily from 10am to 9pm.

4. Restoran Puti Bungsu Batam, Kampung Baru

This restaurant has almost all popular yet original Padang dishes with great-clean surrounding. For its Ayam Penyet, it can be a little bit expensive but it’s really generous in portion. Other options available are variety types of fish, beef and range of vegetables. You may want to try its avocado juice or what they call as ‘Alpukat’. It definitely will give relief to your taste palette after bursting hot flavour from Ayam Penyet!  It opens daily from 10am to 10pm.

5. Waroeng Penyet, NU Sentral 

Though the name is ‘waroeng’ or ‘stall’, this place gives you more than just a ‘waroeng’ quality. Its juicy Ayam Penyet can never go wrong with the perfect ‘sambal’ with three level of hotness. It also has beef, pomfred, shrimp and catfish for Penyet and Grilled set. Pick your choice and ready for explosion in your mouth! Few types of soup are also available if you wish to have some sides. The place is comfortable for dine-in and don’t be surprise if you see people lining-up to get a vacant table inside. Waroeng Penyet opens daily from 12pm to 10pm.

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