The Best Time to Book Flight Tickets

By January 25, 2019Meembar

Flight booking now has become easier than before. Comparison sites and reservations through online nowadays have given so much convenience to travellers especially when they are searching for cheapest flight. Though sometimes there are confusion between the best times, factors like socio-political status, oil prices, airline competition and the weather all have huge influences on airline ticket prices.

Meembar brings you the tips on the best time to buy your airline ticket. When we say the best time, we mean the cheapest fare!

  1. Best Time to Book

The best time to book a domestic flight with the cheapest deal is on Sunday, followed by Saturday. If your travel is for leisure, wait for the afternoon to book your flight. Prices tend to be cheaper than in the morning when many business travellers are booking flights on their company account. The cheapest months to fly are the non-peak seasons; March, September and October.

2. Check Low-Cost Airlines Individually

Bear in mind not to depend on comparison sites solely when booking a flight ticket. Some low-cost airlines don’t allow their tickets to be quoted on popular comparison websites. Thus, thorough checking is needed for both comparison sites and low-cost airline websites. Also, get yourself familiar with travel terms such as extra charges, carry-on or checked baggage fees, because these might increase the price of your ticket.

3. Days to Avoid

Avoid flight booking right before school holidays and public holidays. Months like April, May, November and December are the most expensive. Airlines tend to increase their prices right before peak travelling times, so you may want to book that in advance. World famous events and celebrations such as Eid (June/July), Christmas (December) and Chinese New Year also see a surge in air faires during these holidays. If you’re planning to travel during your destination’s peak season, remember that everything from flights to accommodation is much more expensive.

4. Avoid Book Too Far in Advance

Last minute flight bookings are not giving you the guarantee of the cheapest seats, same goes to book your tickets too far in advance. However, booking three to six months earlier can save you around 14%. If the airline has a sudden flash sale a few days before your intended departure date, you will not be able to enjoy the low fares. If you wish to change your booking, you are subjected to pay the penalty charge fees, which most of the time costly and defeat the purpose of you saving in the first place.

5. Fly the Cheapest Route

Non-stops are more convenient but you can sometimes find better deals on connecting flights. When a flight with a stop is cheaper, it can sometimes save you as much as 50%. Always compare the price of a non-stop with a connecting flight before to decide if a cheaper price is worth the inconvenience of a longer travel day.


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