The 5 Types of Airplane Passenger

By December 6, 2018Meembar

Boarding on an airplane lets you to meet with different types of people. These are the types of passenger you might encounter once you are on board. Perhaps, you are one of them.

  1. The Business Person

This type of passenger usually has their laptop on their lap or the folded-dining table. Most of the time travelling due to corporate reasons, the business person rarely has time for small talk with strangers sitting beside them. They only have few hours left to complete slides and reports, before presenting them to board of directors. For business person, every second counts!

Business person in airplane always in focus. 

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2. The Parent and Toddler

Not mean to be rude, but most passengers try to avoid sitting next to them. Toddler can be cranky due to long-hour flight and restriction of space in the airplane. Especially when sitting next to parent with babies, what other passengers can do is to pray the time bomb stays quiet and will not explode!

Crying toddler is the last sound airplane passengers want to hear. 

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3. The Too Friendly Person

It is fine to be friendly but once you are on the airplane, most passengers prefer to have ‘me-time’. Sitting next to a chatty person can make the entire flight more exhausting. This too friendly person will talk about almost everything. Best way to avoid conversation, put on your headphone and pretend sleeping.

Chatty person can cause discomfort to other passengers. 

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4. The Seat Kicker 

This type of passenger probably has the lowest level of tolerance. Don’t be surprise if you have to turn back and give that unforgettable stare to the kicker. Everyone in the airplane is not in their comfort zone. Be considerate.

Avoid excessive movement in airplane.

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5. The Armrest Conqueror 

Imagine sitting next to a person who uses both armrest and innocently act like it is the right thing to do? This armrest conqueror will leave you hugging yourself with nowhere to put your arms. Be courteous. Everyone has their own personal space in the airplane. Do not violate the space.

A passenger expresses his discomfort when his armrest is used by other passenger. 

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