The 5 Halal Restaurants in Jeju Island

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Most of us know about Jeju Island from Korean drama series. Jeju is so popular that it has become a popular tourist attraction whenever they travel to Korea. Jeju Island is the largest island off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, known for its beach resorts and volcanic landscape of craters and cave like lava tubes. Since many Muslims have been touring Korea hoping to meet charming looking ‘oppa’, this country has realized the importance of serving Halal food to Muslim market. Jeju is one of those places in Korea that cater the needs of Muslim consumers.

Let’s check out these five amazing Halal restaurants in Jeju Island.

  1. Cheonaecheon 

This restaurant has all amazing fresh meat and seafood buffet with more than 100 ingredients and dishes. There are also variety options of starters and appetizers, kimchi, pizzas and assortment of fried goodies to ice cream. There are selections of free refillable drinks, side dishes to cook up in the hotpot with chicken and kimchi flavoured broth. The best part, this restaurant serves Halal meat and receives Halal certificate from Jeju Islamic Cultural Centre.

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2. Rajmahal Indian Restaurant

This Indian restaurant is located about 10 minutes drive from Jeju airport. Popular dishes in this restaurant include nan, curry, tandoori chicken, lamb masala, paneer butter curry and the list goes on. The restaurant itself has an elegant interior with comfortable exotic feel, which draws customers coming to get their authentic Indian cuisine.

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3. Bagdad 

Located near Jeju City Hall, Bagdad is the first Indian restaurant to open in Jeju Island. Its chef, who is originally from India, serves some of the popular dishes such as chicken makhana (made with fresh tomatoes, cream and cheese), tandoori chicken and nan. Bagdad Restaurant also serves set menus and vegetarian dishes.

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4. Bada Punggyeong 

Bada Punggyeong Restaurant is only 5 minutes from Jeju Airport. It is famous among both locals and tourists for its size and the range of fresh seafood it offers. As the name suggests, the front of the restaurant offers a spectacular view of Jeju ocean. You can feast your eyes on the view while satisfying your taste buds at the same time. The signature dish here is Altteul-galchijeongshik (Economical Set Menu with Braised Cuttlefish).

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5. Bada Janchi

Bada Janchi restaurant specializes in seafood, particularly fish. The sea urchin soup and grilled mackerel are recommended items at this Korean restaurant in the old section of Jeju City. It uses only Korean ingredients to keep the food fresh. You can enjoy variety dishes using fish – grill, porridge, stew, etc. Bada Janchi provides praying room for Muslim customers too. It is located 7 minutes from Jeju airport and provides parking lot and a banquet table.

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