The 21 Breakfasts Around The World

By December 14, 2018Food for thought, Meembar

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you energy to start a new day, experiences a new improved mood and reduces stress level. But, do you know that breakfast is taken differently from one country to another? Let’s find out what others have for their breakfast.

Here are the 22 breakfasts around the world in random order:

  1. United States – Pancakes, bacon and eggs

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2. Japan – White rice, miso soup, egg, fermented soy bean and pickled vegetables

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3. India – Dosa, sambar and chutney

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4. Germany – Bread roll, hard-boiled eggs, cold meats and sausages

Picture credit: TripAdvisor

5. Vietnam – Pho (rice noodle, chopped scallions, cilantro, basil, bean sprouts and thin cuts of beef or chicken)

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6. United Kingdom – Toast, sausages, grilled tomatoes, ham, eggs, mushrooms, bacon and beans

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7. China – Fried dough sticks (“you tiao”), warm soy milk and hot soups like congee

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8. Iran – Pita bread, feta cheese, walnuts, cucumber and tomato slices, strawberry jam

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9. Italy – Cappuccino, bread roll (brioche) slathered with jam or stuffed with chocolate

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10. Egypt – Pita bread and ful medames

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11. Palestine – Bread, hummus, foul, falafel, zaatar, olive oil and vegetables

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12. Morocco – Crepes, Butter, Jam and Olive Oil

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13. Russia – Blini (Russian pancakes), kasha (any types of grains boiled in water or milk), cheese, sausages, caviar, fresh berries, bread, butter and cookies

Picture credit: Cooking The Globe

14. Mexico – Tortilla, fried eggs and salsa

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15. Australia – Toast and vegemite

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16. Cuba – Cuban bread (called Tostada, grilled buttered bread) dunked with Café con leche with a little salt

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17. Venezuela – Scrambled eggs, arepas (Venezuelan bread), black beans and white cheese.

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18. Turkey – Mixed of breads, local cheese, olives, butter, honey, jam, eggs, fresh vegetables and pastries.

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19. France – Baguette or croissant dipped into coffee

Picture credit: Leggett French Property Blog

20. Spain – Toast with grated tomato spread, churros and Spanish potato omelette

Picture credit: Cooking The Globe

21. Korea – Rice, soup, kimchi, garlic chips, fish or beef

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