Powerful Passports in The World

By March 28, 2019Meembar

Based on Henley Passport Index, Asian countries lead the list of powerful passports in the world for the beginning of 2019. Japan has the strongest passport when it comes to visa-free travel, with access to 190 destinations. Singapore and South Korea follow closely behind, tying for the second spot with access to 189 destinations. France and Germany however, tie for the third place, offering access to 188 countries.

The Henley Passport Index uses data from International Air Transport Association to identify how many destinations passport holders in any country can access without first obtaining a visa. The index is updated in real time throughout the year to reflect visa policy changes.

Below are the Top 12 powerful passports in the world. 

  1. Japan = 190

Japanese passport (Credit: The Japan Times)

2. Singapore and South Korea = 189

Singaporean passport (Credit: The Straits Times)

South Korean passport (Credit: The Korea Times)

3. France and Germany = 188

French passport (Credit: iStock)

Germans passport (Credit: The Local – Germany)

4. Denmark, Finland, Italy and Sweden = 187

Danish passport (Credit: cphpost)

Finns passport (Credit: GoingRus)

Italian passport (Credit: Pinterest)

Swedish passport (Credit: Pinterest)

5. Luxembourg and Spain = 186

Luxembourgers passport (Credit: Wikipedia)

Spaniards passport (Credit: Euro Weekly News Spain)

6. Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States = 185 

Austrian passport (Credit: citizenshipbyinvestment.ch)

Dutch passport (Credit: iamexpat.nl)

Norwegian passport (Credit: The Local Norway)

Portuguese passport (Credit: Culture Trip)

Swiss passport (Credit: Corporate Magazine)

British passport (Credit: visa-box.co.zavisa-box.co.za)

American passport (Credit: visa-box.co.zavisa-box.co.za)

7. Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland = 184 

Belgians passport (Credit: dailymail.co.uk)

Canadian passport (Credit: movingwaldo.ca)

Greek passport (Credit: Wikipedia)

Irish passport (Credit: independent.ie)

8. Czech Republic = 183 

Czech passport (Credit: Wikipedia)

9. Malta = 182 

Maltese passport (Credit: Lovin Malta)

10. Australia, Iceland and New Zealand = 181 

Australian passport (Credit: SBS)

Icelander passport (Credit: grapevine.is) 

New Zealander passport (Credit: NZ-Herald)

11. Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia = 180 

Hungarian passport (Credit: Helpers Hungary) 

Latvian passport (Credit: Latvia Immigration)

Lithuanian passport (Credit: Nomad Capitalist)

Slovak passport (Credit: passportes)

Slovenian passport (Credit: Total Slovenia News)

12. Estonia, Malaysia = 179 

Estonian passport (Credit: Wikipedia) 

Malaysian passport (Credit: The Star) 


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