A Guide to Comfort Travel

Performing prayers is one of the most important pillars of Islam. For Muslim travellers, information on Qibla direction and prayer times are crucial facets to this pillar. Meembar provides all this info plus the location of nearby mosques or Muslim praying facilities.

Check Qibla and Read Quran

You can now perform your prayer at ease with the help of a digital compass pointing to an accurate Qibla direction. Read the Holy Quran or listen to its audio recitation to maintain your inner peace.

Keep Mosques on Track

You are visiting a foreign country you have been to in the past but you can’t exactly recall where the mosque was. Worry not. You can always refer to the data in your History section.

Share Mosques

It is quite challenging to find a mosque when you are in an unfamiliar place or in a non-Muslim country. For the convenience of other Muslim travellers, we strongly encourage sharing of any Muslim prayer place that is not yet marked in Meembar, whether it is a mosque or just a small prayer room. Let other Muslim travellers know of such a place.