Let’s Go to Phuket, Shall We?

By December 4, 2018Destinations, Meembar

Phuket is the biggest, busiest island in Thailand. Located in the south of the country, Phuket has it all – from stunning white sandy beaches, spectacular entertainment shows, incredible sceneries and a paradise to shopaholics. With so many things you can do in Phuket, we help you to list down things you may not want to miss while being in the island. You can plan, then once you are in Phuket, you can change them back based on your mood and weather. Rule of thumb in travel – do not be rigid.

  1. Phang Nga Bay 

Phang Nga Bay is an immense maze of limestone cliffs and caves. There are many ways to explore Phang Nga, but the best is by kayak. You won’t have to paddle yourself, just enjoy the fantastic landscapes. There are hidden tunnels lead to enclose silent lagoons called ‘Hongs’ that will leave you in awe.

Hidden lagoon in Phang Nga Bay will captivate you.

Picture credit: Pinterest

2. Phi Phi Island 

In 2004, a tsunami hit Phi Phi Island and today, it just grew bigger and busier. Riding to Phi Phi by boat, is truly love at the first sight as you see towering cliffs, then the beach-fronted jungle. There are so many beautiful places you can go here that we recommend you to stay at least one night. Make sure to have these in your bucket list – Maya Bay, Phi Phi Viewpoint, Pileh Lagoon, Monkey Beach, Bamboo Island. They will not disappoint.

‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo Dicaprio has made this island popular than ever.

Picture credit: travelbook.de

3. Elephant Sanctuaries

In these sanctuaries, visitors can feed, play and bathe adults and baby elephants in fun and ethical way. No more riding on the animal like before. This is due to Thailand’s campaign to raise awareness on the animal that are still abused, forced to perform and cruelly ridden by many in the country. There are many elephant sanctuaries on the island you can visit such as Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket, Elephant Retirement Park Phuket and Phang Nga Elephant Park.

Building trust is a must before feeding an elephant.

Picture credit: klook.com

4. Similan Island

Similan Island is best known for its diving activities. It is ranked among the world’s best dive sites for their lively and colourful coral reefs with perfect visibility. The shadow of boats floating will give you the idea of how clear the water is.

Mind blowing corals can be found as you dive deeper in the ocean.

Picture credit: Sunrise Divers

5. Flying Hanuman

If you are looking for family or group activities, Flying Hanuman is the best way to spend time together. It is a popular zipline attraction featuring multiple courses and sky bridges through the jungle. Flying Hanuman promises you sweet memories of scream and laughter, amazing stories and beautiful photos.

Any activities here will be guided by experienced instructors.

Picture credit: Phuket Tours Daily

6. Phuket FantaSea Show

In Phuket FantaSea Show, everything is bright, colourful, lively and made to impress. As the ultimate cultural theme park, Phuket FantaSea gives you unforgettable stage performance with fancy costumes by Thai actors, dancers and acrobats. This place is full of carnival games and lots of shopping opportunities for visitors who wish to bring back some souvenirs.

Stage performance never gets old.

Picture credit: Trazy

7. Plain Spotting at Mai Khao Beach

Watching planes landing in Phuket has become a popular attraction here. Most visitors came here to get one of a kind picture. The best time to see the planes landing over the ocean is December to June. It all depends on the monsoon season. However, there are certain distance visitors can stand to watch the landing moment to avoid something you don’t want to imagine! There are also stalls around selling local drinks and food just in case you are tired of waiting.

Visitors are reminded to keep their distance while a plane lands.

Picture credit: spottersmag.com

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