How Travel Benefits You?

By December 19, 2018Meembar

To travel the world is everyone’s dream. Not only travel is good for your physical wellbeing, but exploring new places can do miracles for your mental and spiritual health. The moment you decide to escape from your daily routine and discover the world, you can’t help but to look forward for more destinations to visit, cultures to experience and people to meet.

Let’s dive in and take a look at some other benefits of travelling.

  1. Travel improves your health 

Taking regular time off to ‘recharge your batteries’, in which keeping the stress levels lower, can keep you healthier. Though sometimes incidents like missing a flight or loss of luggage for instance, can really challenge your anxiety, travelling has been scientifically proven can lower the stress levels dramatically. Studies show that three days after taking a break, travellers report to have lower anxiety levels, more clam and in a better mood. These benefits tend to last for weeks after the trip has ended.

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2. Travel develops social and communication skills 

When you travel to places with people where your native language is not theirs, you will learn how to communicate better. By default, you will force yourself to learn their language even just for few words. Phrases like ‘Thank you’ or ‘How are you’ when spoken in their native language, will create special bond between you and the locals. Thus, enhances your social skills too.

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3. Travel makes you more tolerant

You will meet very different people from travelling. You can’t expect to live in your comfort zone when everything around you are new. At this stage, you will learn to accept and appreciate differences regardless of their background and able to relate with them better.

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4. Travel enhances your creativity 

You are learning new things as you travel. When someone is out from his comfort zone, the mind gets more creative. Just like in a situation where you went to local market to buy some gifts, but you unable to bargain with the sellers due to language barrier. What do you do? You use sign language. A sign showing you want some discounts since you are buying in bulk. Isn’t that creative? Back home you will be that type of employee who is not only possess creative thinking, but also better in making decisions.

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5. Travel enables you to see the signs of The Creator 

Through travel you get to know The Creator better. You will realize that the beauty of this world is created by Him, thus travel will make you more humble and grateful for all the blessings given by The Creator. There will be a time where you will just stare at the mountain range or the blue sky and admire all the greatness in Him as a self-reflection. As a hadith by Imam Bukhari goes, ‘Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveller along a path.’

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