How to Suggest in Meembar

By March 11, 2019Meembar, Uncategorized
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Have you tried the Suggest feature in Meembar? For those who have, we appreciate if you can continue suggesting wherever you are in the world. For potential users, this app is one of a kind whereby it enables people from different parts of continents to contribute information on Muslim-friendly related premises such as Halal restaurants and mosques.

Make sure you are at the right page when suggesting. Simply go to Suggest tab and you will be at the screen as shown below.

Now, let see how Suggest is done in Meembar. Follow the steps below to suggest Halal and Muslim-friendly restaurants and mosques.

Wait till our team verify your data provided all information are Islamic compliant.

Till then.

For more restaurants and food suggestion, download the app from Google Play Store and App Store. It’s always free. 

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