Book Your Hotel

The app lets you to regularly check available hotel and accommodation type that suits your travel budget. If you want to experience a local perspective on a destination, then homestay will be a perfect fit for you. If you choose to be more personal, select from the list of hotels and proceed with booking. The best accommodation is the one that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Review Your Stay

When you have found a Muslim-friendly hotel or other accommodation type that is worth sharing, write a review to relate your stay experience. Information such as access to bathroom with an ablution designated area; Qibla direction, prayer mat and Adhan announcements within the hotel compound would be very useful for other Muslim travellers. To assist them in decision-making, add in photos to your review to provide visual impact.

Share with Other Travel Mates

In Meembar, we allow you to share your stay in any hotels worldwide with your travel mates and friends through all social media platforms. Provide others with images and directions of the hotel or accommodation that you are staying in and be part of the Muslim friendly travel community.